My name is Angela Humphrey and I am the creator of Honest Cotton. Over the past four years since my journey with this business began, I have learned many things about myself. I have discovered my love for connecting with other women and my passion for creating and sharing beautiful things and opportunities with others.

My desire is that everyone who comes in contact with Honest Cotton is positively impacted because of it; from the women making the clothing to the women wearing it. I love providing jobs for women in my mom’s hometown, Puerto Vallarta, which allows them to earn a fair wage and work from home. I personally love working from home and knowing that women are able to be home with their families while creating income is really exciting to me. I have recently started working with women in Northern Thailand and to me this is the beginning of something really exciting for Honest Cotton. It has opened my mind to the possibility of sharing beautiful things from different parts of the world that are beautiful and functional. Knowing that by growing this business I am creating more opportunities for the women making our clothing is what inspires me.

I make clothes out of cotton because I love natural fibers. I also love warm weather and know that cotton is the best thing to wear to be both comfortable and cool. All our clothing is machine washable because ease and functionality is extremely important to me. I travel often and I love being able to travel light by wearing pieces for many occasions and multiple uses. I also love simplicity and solid colors because it allows each person to create their own style. It’s so fun for me to see how different people style the clothes with their own personal touch. I want the clothes to be extremely well made and last a long time so they can evolve as your style changes. This is also important for environmental impact. I am fascinated by vintage pieces that are able to be worn decades later, I hope to create this with Honest Cotton.

I appreciate you and if there is anything I can do to create more value for you please let me know.

Angela Humphrey