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July 19, 2024


A little background: It's no secret that we all have unique styles and preferences. Whether influenced by climate, activity, family, or influencers themselves, we're all communicating something with the pieces we adorn ourselves in. After working together for over a year now, Angela and I have enjoyed all of the ways our eyes are drawn to similar things. We also thoroughly enjoy the ways we differ. With Honest Cotton pieces as our grounding thread, we'd love to share how we'd each put together different looks. 

A little extra context

Angela lives in Long Beach, CA. Description/intro here.

Courtney lives in Washington, DC. Her grandmother, an interior designer of 20+ years, has largely inspired her wardrobe—full of oversized linens, knits, rattan shoes, patina'd leather, and lots of neutrals. She is 5'4" and a new mom.

Styled by courtney

The Clara Dress

TBH, I'm living in this dress this summer. DC (much like the rest of the world, thanks global warming) has been so hot. The crinkle cotton is just breezy enough to keep me cool and the adjustable straps and elastic top are great for breastfeeding on the go. One might argue that I should just wear a short dress but to that I'd say no—not really my thing. But an ankle-length dress with a straight silhouette?? Yes. Yes, absolutely. Pairing it with the Regen Silk 1930's Bandana in Hay from OZMA—worn tied around my head like a durag or as a loose triangle necktie. These retro sunnies strike a balance between cool and functional that I'm here for. As for shoes, the Shel Sandal by A.Emery in a gorg merlot leather with an ankle tie that'll interact with the hem of the dress so well.

Styled by Angela

The Clara Dress